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Nature is a complete word in itself . it contain all the aspects of environment ,mountain,rivers,trees,lakes,hills are all the parts of the nature. the world nature is derived from the latin word”Natural” the study of nature is called “naturalist” animal and insects are also the part of nature and now – a – days , the study of nature is also called the biological study because the study of animal comes in biological study .


  • Trees are the most important part of nature
  • nature are related with human life
  • nature has no mean and value for human
  • we get oxygen by plant and trees
  • plant gains co2 and release in oxygen
  • nature means having all the aspects which exist all

Nature HD wallpaper

There are the full hD wallpaper . we are nothing without nature.it gives a lot of happiness to us by her aspect just like flowers which spread fragrance all around in our atmosphere . many English and Hindi poets wrote about nature in which villain Wordsworth which is called nature poet. wrote a beautiful line about nature. ‘nature is the best position of a good man’s life ;his little unremembered acts of kindness and love . we live in nature and our existence remains in nature .

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